How to Choose the Right Car for Your Wedding

When choosing a bridal car, there are no rules to follow. However, picking the right limousine services is equally important as selecting the best catering company for your once in a lifetime event. Here is a quick guide on how to select the best bridal car that matches your needs and preferences. Before we discuss certain factors in choosing the right bridal car for you, let us first learn the differences between common suggestions and choices of a bridal car based on your wedding theme.

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Differences of Bridal Cars

  1. Vintage Cars – Vintage vehicles are those that were manufactured from 1919 up to 1930.
  2. Classic Cars – These cars were manufactured from 1940 up to 1970. Classic cars are not produced anymore. However, the models and brands are so popular that is why these cars are usually restored in order to suit whatever purpose these cars are deemed applicable – one example is for a wedding.
  3. Modern Classic Cars

These cars are referred to as iconic cars. Modern classic cars are so great that is why they stand out. Some perfect examples of modern classic cars are Jaguar XK8R, Ferrari Enzo as well as Aston Martin DB9.

  1. Modern Cars

Modern cars are commonly known as model luxury vehicles like Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and limousines.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Bridal Car

  1. Significance

The most important factor to consider when choosing a bridal car is that it should reflect your life as a couple. Sometimes, onlookers and guests would know what you are like as a couple just by judging your choice of a car for your wedding. Oftentimes, traditional couples choose vintage bridal cars while urbane, young couples always prefer to use modern vehicles. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t treat the bridal car you choose as an independent element – it should be a big part of your entire event. Make sure that your bridal car symbolizes your style and it perfectly fits the overall style of your wedding. Lastly, verify with the company if the vehicle you hired can be used in your pictures.

  1. Comfort

Brides with big gowns need a spacious car. You should remember this before choosing a particular bridal car. In addition to this, think about how long she will be inside the bridal car. If it is too crowded inside the vehicle, the bride will not become comfortable most especial for longer travel – no one wants that! If the travel lasts more than fifteen minutes, safety and comfort should be two of the most important factors to consider. Make sure to inspect the bridal car before you decide to hire it. If the vehicle is going to carry more people and not the bride alone, you should also make sure that it’s spacious enough for all passengers to fit in.

  1. Company

Sometimes, the aide of honor or the parents of the bride accompany her on the way to the wedding ceremony. It is best that you determine first who will be going with here before you rent a bridal car in order to know if your choice is feasible or not. It’s either you book a car of your preference or change your plans like going to the wedding ceremony solo. A classic car may fit up to 4 people while a stretch SUV may cater up to 10 adults. Although this is not required, it would be ideal to reserve two-seater space for the bride in order for her to be more comfortable during the entire travel.

  1. Budget

The price of a bridal car for rent usually depends on different factors such as model, size, and brand. Depending on the bridal car companies as well, the package for the bridal vehicle may include the gas and chauffeur and can be used up to four hours. Most of these companies require you to have a fixed additional payment for excess hours of usage.

  1. Quality

While the preferred bridal car’s price is another factor to consider, this does not mean to compromise its quality. The quality of the car must be on the top of your priority. Once again, do not forget to inspect the bridal car before you book it. It should have no scratches, completely clean, and has no other visible damages like wear and tear. Inspect the bridal car before booking it as well as on the day of the wedding itself (or you can also appoint someone to do this on your behalf). Of course, you would never want to pay for any damage to the car that you didn’t cause.

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